Cross Border Mentoring

The Houréra Mentoring project aims to put young people based in French-speaking Africa in contact with qualified and experienced tutors based abroad. Mentors and mentees are located in different countries to make it easy for young people to confide.

This might be impossible in their country because of prejudices, culture or the lack of qualified people suited to their needs. The tutors will be able to listen to them, guide them and support them morally and professionally in their projects or personal problems. This in respect, confidentiality and without judgment.


Inspire them by realizing the immensity of opportunities that exist around them


Guide them in achieving
their goals


Change the image of women in West Africa through the profile of mentors


The people behind the scences

Fatoumata Doro

Astrid Dessi-Foulon

Sarah Vaquant

Victorine Sarr

Amalia Sebakunzi

Ange Pam

Ouedraogo Olivia

Shari Hammond

Ginette Symemouh

Kadidiatou Sadou

Olivia Kofi

Balkissa Sani

Coumba Kagnassi

Sarah Argoubi

Rimanatou Dodo

Désiré Gbamele

Karine Couteperoumal

Dominique Gbamele

Juliette Liu

Natacha Mingatos

Targets & Selection

• Mentees are between 15 and 25 years old or 25 to 35 years old depending on the phase.

• Priority is given to young girls but the program is also open to young men.

• All tutors are women. This helps to improve preconceptions about women as well as issues of representation in all walks of life.

• The selection of tutors is made according to the professional background, the objectives of the mentees or their problems.

Mentors Application

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Mentees Application

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